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DIY: Outfit Post

Fancy Footwork 

My style bible always tells me what to do like a magic eight ball of fashion guidance.
It’s usual response is ‘Just fuck it, and do what you think you should not do in hopes it comes out better’! 
This DIY is about footwork. 
Beware: This could lead to a loss of a pair of shoes or the gain of a whole new footface.
As per usual, my spikes are from studsandspikes.com, and it was only a matter of time until I defaced my original black docs to move into a harder look using 1in spikes which I have paired with shiny black leggings for the first look and lace shorts for the second.

The latter is the closest I will get to walking in my fathers shoes. 

Using a whole punch I made holes in the lapel of my birth father’s old 1980s dress shoe and inserted much smaller spikes for more casual punk edge, pairing this look with my own makeshift sock garters and grey denim cutoffs to take this vintage gentlemens look to streetwear.

 phootwork photos by Tristan Harris

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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