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Night of a Thousand Weaves.

Like the queen of thieves we stole the night.
 Another Saturdays mission took us to the Torn Curtain, a venue after my own heart. 
The vibe is ultra chill but you can still dance your ass off or pose with foreign objects.
 A beer and wine joint so get yo own liqua!
     A.D.D. and not enough or too many shots later took us across the train tracks (literally) to new queer bar the Royal Phoenix, where the paparazzi took care of our needs (thank you Anne).
Amazing fruity beers, large dance space, classic good looks, and all kinds of events like yesterdays Lipster Karaoke or Next weeks GayBash.
     Weaves falling and sweaty hearts brought us again to the Torn Curtain and finally ending up at the Silver Door, where being crammed like a Japanese subway car isn’t a bad thing with Djs to spin you round and round until the rising sun blinds you back to reality that your night cannot last forever but than again that’s what Sundays are for.
photo by anna guillaume
photo by anna guillaume
photo by anna guillaume

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