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Berger Blanc Manifestation

The Berger Blanc is a for-profit company that has the sole goal of profit. 
For profit pounds have no animal welfare mission and no mandates that include the protection of animals and the reduction of overpopulation. For profit pounds have a vested interest in the overpopulation of companion animals in Montreal.’
Last week myself, SPA Canada, and Montreal’s outraged public took on another manifestation in the old port in the name of shutting down le Berger Blanc.

The facility has many allegations and rumors stirring up concerned dog and cat owners. 
After undercover footage made it’s way to the news these allegations were found to be shockingly true. With 30,000 animals coming into the facility a year only 4 out of ten are ever attempted to be returned to their owners. With all of the profits this horrid place makes they can’t seem to find the time to purchase a microchip scanner and possibly do something for the benefit of anyone but themselves.
Where do all of these animals go?
Pure breds are sold for profit while discriminating against mixed breeds who are euthanized without sedation and not by a professional but their very own general staff members.
As well as sighted animal abuse of animals in their ‘care’, as well as some animals shown to be dying in their cages. 

 Judas Pup! 

Please help shut down this horrible puppy/kitty hell!
 They do not deserve a contract with the city, they do not deserve your tax dollars!
For more information, to donate, and/or to Sign the petition online HERE or please come see us on the streets of Ottawa and Montreal!
Follow @mtlstfashion on twitter for daily montreal locations
or @SPA Canada for updates on our campaigns!

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