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DIY: Holy Streetwear

Well it is true that I have an affinity to have a smoke and a glass of vino and dig through everything I hate in my closet and either destroy it or hopefully remake it into something I can be excited by again. Thus the DIY posts were inevitable!
Denim Vests

 First: Take an old denim jacket, I took mine from my mother but you can find one at any thrift store, now cut off the sleeves like you’re freeing the soul to breath.

Next: take some studs, a cocktail, and some patience and go fucking nuts! I bought mine from , who have an amazing customer service team.

Bonus: bleach, cheese grater (better use than for cheese), spikes, glitter, bedazzler, pins, patches, feathers, spray paint.
find your niche and get your flare on!

I opted for neon pink studs and making sideways crosses on the front pockets…for now. Spikes have also donned the collar.
Below was at the casting for Montréal Fashion & Design Festival which is August 3-6, 2011, which I will post photos from soon. 
This would be my day look paired with white denim cutoffs,  spiked boots, and chain sunnies. 
Pictured far below with Alessandro of JetSet Confidential , in town for Gaultier no doubt, who style spotted me that day. 
Follow his adventure on twitter

Below is ‘Le Noir’ version of thee holy vest. 
I am rarely seen in neon but something was in the air that night.
 Here Antonino Medina spotted me at Bluedog in black hooded tank, neon green toque, holy vest worn open and popped, with bright yellow cut offs, and black docks with matching lung killing clove. 

Thrift Stores in Montreal:

Salvation Army

1655, rue Richardson, Montreal 

(514) 254-0723

Eva B  
2013, boul Saint-Laurent
(514) 849-8246

Studs etc:

Value Village

2033, boul Pie-IX, Montreal 

(514) 528-8604

or check out Mont Royal, St. Laurent, Ontario, Mile end for some sick vintage action

Studs/Spikes and Everything Nice:

3454 rue Saint-Denis 

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