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Toothache Disco


My sweet tooth and dance craving was well taken care of Tuesday night on the Main. Walkin in it was toasty, a nice off set to the cool breeze on the street.
Indoor picnic tables lined the wall and little baggies of treats,
no not those kinds, but actual candy! Appropiate as this was the launch party presented by Indie Montreal for First You Get The Sugar, a four piece all male band from Montreal. 
Grabbing a pint of moosehead and the closest seat to the stage and sat back to enjoy a date with my city.

The first act, Armen at the Bazaar, opened up unexpectedly with a voice that soared and echoed perfectly in the Divian Orange walls. He`s a one man army laced with an ammunition of instruments. A small guy with a big presence. His playful use of psychadelic, indie, and folk transcends you on a journey to the whiskey bar back studio side with the Animal Collective. 
A must see, simply put; ambient, dance, cool., check him out next in NYC June 10th 
( )

First You Get The Sugar came on after two bathroom breaks, a round of photos, and a grab another pint before a much larger crowd flooded the floor masking bright coloured urban paintings and any rational entrance for anyone needing a smoke. 

Very different than the `Mailing List`t-shirt Armen wanted you to sign, FYGTS was smartly dressed like Delphic. 
Very sweet on the eyes and on the a ears, a cali-british sound with kind of a Beatles, Maroon 5, meets Band of Horses if you can imagine. 
A Jam band but in all the right places.
All with soft voices, a loud whisper that either moves you to dance or sit back in awe. The night was for the launch of their debut album recorded in the basement of Scotland Yard Studios, mixed by Glen Robinson( The Ramones, Keith Richards) and masted by Andy Van Dette( David Bowie, Aretha Franklin, Beastie Boys). ALbum artwork crdited/created by Montreal`s I<3 Neon, Justin Dallegret.

     Get the new Cd here:

Di-Di-Di-Disco Shtick…

The night switched up retro and out of the rain into a dance jungle down Saint Laurent for Tuesday Night`s Leg Work at Blue Dog.
It is nu-disco for the apocalypse generation, 
just how it should be done.
With free cover, and cheap drink specials (especially for the ladies) you`ll be taken on an acid trip for a working class rave.
 Made my way to a 2 for 1 beers deal and shot specials I didnt realize I wanted.



Hosted by SASS and the ultra glam Tristan Harris 
with the red hot resident djs:
Every tuesday come out in your leathers, feathers, glitter, and double fist your shiny disco balls to the floor.
My feet still hurt but as we all know, suffer for fashion.


Join in next week`s debauchery with special guest dj`s
K-OS and Grandtheft 
along with special hosts Montreal`s DL Jones 

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