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Rico the Zombie Presents: The Mad Macabre Torture Carnival

warning: not for the faint hearted…continue at your own wicked fashion curiosity…

I can’t tell what year it is but I know the world is ending and the underworld is uprising. 
Welcome to hell but you still have to pay for your drinks. The passing serial killers, monsters, and those begging to be the next victims surround the stage in their freakish bests hungry in anticipation. 
Downstairs the energy is pumped with 10 minutes left till show time, last second costume adjustments, blood checks, and making sure the dead bodies are still piling up.
Montreal’s underground has come six feet under to Le Belmont this week with homegrown Rico “the Zombie”  at the forefront taking over St. Laurent.
Rico the Zombie Presents: The Mad Macabre Torture Carnival brings together some of the most extreme and visually stimulating artists the city has to offer. 

The Blood guts and gore was releashed by Nebula X, the Misfortune Teller, Istvan Betyar the Sword Swallower, Carl The Strong Man, Sonia The Mystifying Pyro Gypsy, The Executioner ft. Sedusa Death’s Personal Assassin, Dr. Cuts The Pain Proof Blade Master, BonBon Bombay,  and ending with skin suspended blood thristy dance by Bella Obscura and Emily Badsville. 

But of course its in the name many supporters have come out in hopes of being killed by underworlds golden boy Rico the brain eating Zombie whos dinner cancelling performance featured the beautiful and fantastically styling, Imane. Now if you haven’t heard of Rico he has become spotlighted as Lady Gaga’s Muse, Model for Mugler,  and as a fully tatooed piece of living art. 
Now he has his own show showcasing his real job of satan raising performances surrounded by Siamese Twins, “Kill Me” Macabre go-go dancers,human pincushions, two-deadheaded brides,  and dames ready for him to take a bite.

The night ended in full swing with the crowds favorite part of the night a stop by Bella Obscura and Emily Badsville’s airborne dance party, suspended by only their skin and will to fucking dance and party on. 
Taking on the stage only moments after getting down to rile us up, for what was an emotional and extremely successful first freak show.

I would no doubt see the show again. It was dark, sexy, intimate, and you get to dance in the end. However, this is not for those easily disturbed by anti-hedonist motives. 
As well, unlike most carnivals this is not just a spectator sport with audience participation in a scream contest, guillotine, and our costume winner featured above: guess Raggity Ann is really dead and I just might want to be killed tonight.

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