aldo shoes / dandi maestre / denis gagnon / montreal fashion week / semaine de mode

SMM20 Denis Gagnon A/W 2011

Its been a whole decade since his start and Denis Gagnon is still taking over street ready fashion.
 With a solid denis like collection mixing zippers, leather, and fringe, 
it was tantalizing to see bright spring/easter hues that punch you in the face; an underlying theme for the runways this year.
 Its as if the kick ass fashionista is in a rockers cocoon and springs out in a party ready bright colorful get up. 
To make sure each model was styled H to T to his liking senor gagnon teamed up with ALDO shoes to create a signature line 
as well as accessory designer Dandi Maestre to complete each look.
Congrats to the team!

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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