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[new music alert] The Home Recordings.

Its amidst all of the montreal chaos that goes on between semaine de mode, the grammy’s, new york fashion week, and all the posting and media projecting that occurs that i must adhere to the roots of all my labours. Its up and coming talent, true down to earth talent that is the route of all art, the route to revolutions, culture, and survival of our vastly unfortunately expanding human race. therefor i salute you to check out an artist influenced not only by the spirit of his upbringing but by the hairs of the american ‘dreamless’ dream. Of armed forces, of bleeded wheeled streets, of raw guitar rifts and lyrics that can only bring back the nostalgic roads of the north east.  I’d check out demo4, winter fire, drink and drive, & clock and curtains for a realist view on what todays generation actually dreams of at night.

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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