dinh bah / dinhba designs / montreal fashion week / semaine de mode / SMM20

SMM20 Dinh Ba Designs Fall/Winter2011

Can always admire a man of patterns and in his 15th collection Dinh Ba did not disappoint. 
Two different collections, one cohesive concept for men and women. A trade off between Carmen Sandiego espionage 
(what ever happened to her, did she get deported?) 
and a bold asian influence likest of his birthplace of Vietnam. I would definitely pick the men’s collection as a solid, comfortable, adventurous man oozed with attitude 
and I’m not saying that because it was only the second mens collection ive seen thus far. 
And if i were a woman or an ever so daring man I would kill for the hooded piece of art that came in last.

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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