Fall/WInter 2011 / montreal fashion week / Nadya toto / semaine de mode / SMM20

SMM20 NADYA TOTO Fall/Winter 2011

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Either way grab your candles, the salt, plenty of lace and the merlot because it is the year of the Witch.
Noticing street trends starting to emulate the girls from ‘The Craft’ again ( and no I’m not talking about taylor momsen), 
it was with great pleasure to see it continuing to put a spell on the Nadya Toto Fall/Winter 2011 runway. 
This collection though scarce with color was filled with energy and plenty of fiery ginger haired models that always seem to steal the show.
Though blanketed with some watered down versions of Mcqueen, the versatility, wearability, and design were flawless. 
Perfect collection for those weary of color, those who just want an edge, or for every international little  witch out there eager for a new little black dress.

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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