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Veganism Takes Over Holt Renfrew in Blogger Showdown

It’s that time of year to spike the cider, light your candles, and maybe your house, on fire. 
A three week period of constant family guilt, itch inducing sweaters, and bleeding red in a shit ton of  hues.
The season for me, however, began on a high note at the Matt & Nat Holt Renfrew Montreal Fashion Blogger Showdown. 

I was entranced in ecstaticsm as this was an event very close to my heart: many people are forced to remember friends and colleagues but forget about our animal friends in the world, as well as getting a chance to work with the brand in the early installments of the Montreal World Vegan Day Fashion Show.
As one of the contestants, Robyn, would put it, 
” when you do things as frivolous as fashion it makes the effort [to make a difference] a lot easier. I do it to support local brands with the pure philosophy to not use and abuse in order to be successful which in return empower you”
To celebrate the new line, Holt Renfrew invited five local Montreal bloggers to create a look inspired by one Matt & Nat bag of their speed driven choice, 
using only the third floor as their platform, which held such house names as Alexander Wang. 
The event was set in festive St. Nicholas theme, did not see a menorah in sight, although it was Hanukkah 
 I’m just sayin’, but maybe there’s a Jew floor?
The event was completely inspired by Inder Bedi’s 20 year philosophy of  veganism which was embellished by  the ban of animal products in the food served and the ensembles created.
 With this event the Matt and Nat genius just wanted to “draw people’s attention to compassion, happiness, and bring beautiful things into the world with a positive impact.”
And although I mentioned celebrity clients such as, Brad Pitt and Olivia WIlde spotted wearing the eco-brands bags , He humbly proclaimed ” I am more touched by your message…”

The five Bloggers: Robyn, Lolita, Duc, Audree, and Julia. 

Audrwey of Jeans & Stilettos avec Patrick of Je Suis Laristocrate

Each look will be showcased on the main floor of Holt Renfrew Montreal.
I wont tell any of you who i voted for… its a a secret and a secret santa present to ::cough cough:: almost gave up my favorite look, but besides the fact that I was there,
 YOU, the famous ‘fans’ of Montreal Street Fashion and the capitalistic consumers of Montreal can vote in stores between Dec. 9 and 19th on your favorite cruelty-free look.

Audree Archambault

Twitter: @ellemlamode
Twitter: @alamodemontreal
Lolitta Dandry
Twitter: @lolittadandry

Twitter: @DucCNguyen

Matt and Nat is a completely cruelty-free vegan environmental movement line of handbags. 
A topic extremely relevant to the local community here in montreal as fur and leather etc boom in these parts. 
I can’t stress enough how important it is to see such a lucrative canadian brand as Holt Renfrew support alternatives to cruelty when they are usually invested in such backwards brands ie: Canada Goose.

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