Marc Jacobs / Marc Jacobs Bang / Matchstick / Montreal Street Fashion 2010 Edition / MSF giveaway

Montreal Street Fashion wants to BANG you!

I am sure you all remember back in September when I posted about receiving the Marc Jacobs first masculine fragrance ‘Bang’ tester in the mail. 
I think i was so excited and inspired that I wrote a poem to the extent.
Still no?

Well now I have received a full 50 ml bottle for myself!

and the best thing about it is that Montreal Street Fashion and Matchstick have another 50ml bottle for one lucky fan?

Can I call you guys that?
Thus we are having an exciting giveaway opportunity!

Here’s the deal:

1. Send a photo of you or you and your friends in your most BANGIN’ outfit
 to montrealstreetfashion no later than 
November 24, 2010!

2. Maybe write a sentence or two about what Bang’ by Marc jacobs or Marc Jacobs himself means to you?
or just basically why you are worthy to find a 50 ml bottle of Jac
…obs at your door?

3. We here at MSF will pick the photo/outfit we want to BANG the most.

4. You, the happy winner, have a new fragrance moving into winter 2010/2011!

Can’t wait to see your submissions!

2 thoughts on “Montreal Street Fashion wants to BANG you!

  1. I hope we have the option to do either one or two.I did wear a bangin police officer outfit for halloween. LOL. I totally think i am worthy of this arriving at my door because i love Marc Jacobs!!! I sadly can't afford anything by MJ though so hopefully i can win this!!!

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