Obsession with Montreal Street Fashion Causes Divorce…

Okay, maybe that statement isn’t true but its an interesting day to be in the world today…
Montreal Street Fashion has media buzzing as evidence in an actual court case!
How much pleasure I seek in being mentioned at all, my little baby blog!
 Hello Judge! 
Hello, Good people of the court system attempting to seek justice for those scorned 
or playing into political back room deals so much that justice is just an option on your iphone 4’s!
This is almost as good as Perez almost going to jail for Miley Cyrus child pornography!
I hope that whoever wins is gay or a woman because I am sick of wealthy “straight’  men winning everything.. 
Left you guys with a snap I shot on my phone in the metro, 
not only is the look equestrian but so is the reading selection.

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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