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How Marc Likes to BANG!

“Everything. I always say we need a name first, and the name has to evoke something. And then Bang. It had a sexual connotation. It’s kind of affirmative: done, a sort of statement, no screwing around.”

I was walking through the woods. 
Every step crunched louder than kings. 
spots of broken red like spots of blood left by the victory of thieves.
 The smell of pine, pepper, and trees.
Drawing back my weapon to open the other side.
Blinded by sequins and chandeliers.
He awaits at the other side
donned in velvet bow tie.
with matching martini
a sword now has sprung.

I received my first sample of Marc Jacob’s  new Fall 2010 masculine fragrance ‘Bang’ in the mail a few weeks ago and after seeing the sexy new ads i was super pumped. 
The perfect blend of a spice, ginger, just a slice of fall. 
Though the actual brew consists of three types of peppercorns, masculine woods, patchouli, vetyver, and white moss. 
  I have not stopped wearing it and everyone i have come across has asked me what it was or have complimented me on how great i smell.
 Hello to my new fall fragrance!
 Bring on the red leaves, pumpkin spice lattes,chunky sweaters, and naughty holiday parties!
Thank you to matchstick for another great partnership, and thank you Marc Jacobs for once again being your amazing fabulous self.

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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