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Um yeah..we’re in Collingwood…BYEE


Wow i seriously thought i was walking onto Mt. Tremblant arriving at the village of Collingwood who over the time period became a mix of collywood,hollywood,cauldwell,coldwall…
Sucha beautiful place with such welcoming beautiful people. 
i do have to say alot of birthdays/engagements/bridal parties going on here. 
The beach was epic filled with rock and slate aka the cliffs. 
Never heard of the place but i definitely need to go back and
 camp out in the shore. as well as coming back later as i can only imagine the benefits in the winter .
Thanks for making us feel like rockstars and we’re sorry that we are such hot messes.
Also want to thank ALL OF YOU that have taken an interest in Montreal Street Fashion and keep coming back. August has been the biggest most visited month to date!!! so heres to moving up!!
dont hesitate to hit me up with an email with your comments, concerns, suggestions or whatever as to what you want to see more of on here etc.

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