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One Star One Season.

Lately the term “rock n roll” has been claimed today by the likes of GaGa(no hate just love), fashion spreads, gossip girl, and commercialized budgetted festivals around the world. 
Converse decided to take forget the blood and studs and retrace some of rock’s historical moments as well as some of their own. 
And although more frequented in my past as shoes and boots take over my life,
 I had the pleasure of viewing the Fall 2010 up close and personal and take a journey through the history of my favorite genre.
Despite starting off in the French tour and trying to retain any francais i have picked up living here, after a glass of red and a few exciting fall boots i regained myself and had an awesome time.
Very much appreciated the vegan/vegetarian munching options.
Thank you Converse, OPUS Montreal,Petin Salon KOKO, and Micki for an exciting preview and the swag..Montreal Street Fashion LOVES swag.

Some of my favorites this year and what intrigued me most  obviously goes to the “Jimi Hendrix” military chuck inspired by jimi’s iconic jacket.  Converse has collaborated with other music artists emblazoned on your chucks such as the likes of SoCo’s greatest spokeswoman Janis Joplin<3, The Who, and the Grateful Dead. Maybe next year we can get The Doors? or the Smiths?

Also pumped about these 90s grungesque plaid. As well as some micheal jackson patent, disco shimmer, grey tye-dye, and the 80s neons.
some unique slouchy s and shimmery plaid bows.
The Jack Purcell line decided to hit up the boat shoe trend and lower their signature smile to the bottom of the shoe. 

Dr. Seuss for the kids and for us who just won’t grow up.
Other interesting styles. big fan of the Jack Purcell brogue and the buckled straps also in black

Photos courtesy of: montreal street fashion and converse.

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