Glitter puke / ke$ha / lady gaga / last girl on earth tour / Rhianna / trashpop

Before I leave, I $top and vomit up tequila and glitter.

Centre Bell

neighbors to the left.

Despite all the horrible reviews by some such as “The Gazette” I did not think the ke$ha show was that bad… what? Rhianna was there? What? It was her show? O…well i think the first 45min of the show were the best and despite much effort to tweet @keshasuxx and even chat/text up one of the set builders of Princess Rhi Rhi we did not make it back stage or anywhere near the glitter puke that is her dressing room. Though forgetting some of the faves such as ” Disgusting”, “Dancing with Tears in my Eyes”, “Back$tabber”, “Boots and Boys”, and “VIP” she did put on an intense bright festive show for the masses and commercialized fanscape. Which wasn’t bad its not like i dont know all the words and didnt spill my beer dancing like an 11 year old tween hungover from last nites miley concert. Rhianna was better than her good girl gone bad tour , dropped the boa and picked up cat suits and other gagaesque items. Apparently it was all dream sequences but that just put me too sleep..or maybe the amount of power trash drinking beforehand made her oh so mediocre? Eitherway having a show start while its still daylight is not kosher for me and the feather/glitter/fringe i was rocking!

Next up Florence and the Machine?? Anyone going to the Toronto show?

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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