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Lack of Empathy for the City of Diversity.

I must say in the past years i have been more excited about pride than this year. maybe its because i overindulged at NYC pride? the influx in hate? laziness? or maybe its because there is a lude abundance of plans during these weeks including FM&D and of course the Ke$ha featuring Rihanna concert to look forward to our maybe simple Diver/Cite never really matched up the actual peoples pride events. Funny that the name exists especially since the quebec government only considers you apart of their growing diversity if you speak french and lets not forget their ::hush hush:: racism and campaigns to weed us foreigners out…Either way i did not take part in the french gay outing much except for one epic dance party at loto-quebec. Im also frustrated as i better see more nudity at the parade, thus far ive only seen tranny’s exposing their..colors… and a few bum shots which may have been more of a drunken accident than from any source of true pride..however i will not let this get me down nor should it take you under to the dark-side of the rainbow but to empower you to prove me wrong. prove that pride in montreal is growing(despite the lower statistics and not concentration of tourism to our island this year)! Either way i shall wear my glitter high( at ke$ha) and embark on my journey to find something slutty and revealing to the parade, because that is what pride( and halloween) is all about.

sickkkk mullet

glow in the dark pigs

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