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Mother Nature’s Bag of Heroin.

it was an eco-quiz.

Its elementary science that water and oil do not mix but it seems as though lately everyone forgot about what they’ve learned and are more determined than ever to disprove it. Saw yet ANOTHER spill on the side of the highway between Alexandria and valleyfield though not in a body of water like the gulf or more recently the st Lawrence so citizens of these areas can have faith from the Ontarian government that it will not reach local lakes, backyard pools, or into their drinking water. another day another habitat lost to our greedy obsession with oil, especially foreign. Its as if we forgot about our own stash, or our own electric/hybrid/hemp/hydro car developers and continued playing a game of russian roulette or cat and mouse with external bodies. Now Quebec vs. Newfoundland want a piece of the action. Now i know this isn’t a blog about political challenges but isn’t style all about ones own politics and relations with the external…

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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