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Designer Observatory: Boutique 4Elements

“…im not an activist per se, i cant convince people but i can give them the opportunities to change”
Stumbling around montreal to find vegan sour cream which apparently isn’t easy if your not in NDG/Westmount, a friend and i gathert to get a taste of the west for montreal eco conscience shoppers..i spent my friday evening enjoying organic wines, vegan finger foods, and amazing treats by Bistro Chez Soi at new mode de vie ecologique 4 elements. Follows is my tipsy interview with store owner Marie-Soleil and the name is perfectly fitting.

MSF: So what made you open up this slice of heaven?
MS:I lived out west for six years…north of vancouver… and alot of the designers i work with are from BC to be honest its hard to find montreal designers that work with eco friendly fabrics…
MSF: i know, its weird isnt it?
MS: but in bc its hard to find someone who doesnt..but i also have lines from Nova scotia, montreal…in montreal were running into whats called the upcycling trend..
MSF: upcycling?

MS:yeah the upcycling trend where they recycle fabrics like this piece…
MSF:like deborah adam’s handbags

MS:yea! So she takes leather pieces and chops them and recreates. its a textile now might as well use it before..Marie with Deborah

MSF: good because i totally dig all of these bags, especially this gray one (this is where the real good reporting comes in) What are your goals?
MS:i want to change the world..no.. haha.. im not an activist per se i cant convince people but i can give them the opportunities to change thats the way i see it, show them something new and hope they pick up on it im not good on pushing things on people and these last few months have been a challenge…
MSF:how many times do you go to shops where they sell things at these prices but with some kid making them in a factory for 30 cents

(Random Shout from the back):Umm doing anything with the food waste or should we throw it all away?

MS: The cake i will eat it ALL.. before i go to bed
MSF: haha not even like this week but before i go to bed hahah
MS:Ah ive lost ten lbs this last two weeks..
MSF:from all the stress of course
MS:..so i can afford im totally fine i can eat some cake.
MS:so i dont want to send the wrong message either yes i work with canadian designers, designer clothes are designer clothes with the price tag attached for me its price points..simple dress $50.
MSF:well thats not crazy
MS:…so why not buy eco friendly?

MSF:do you plan on getting more montreal based..?
MS: yeah as i go, because my sources are more back west its been this person and that person but i have this its montreal water based prints..

MSF:oOo owls!!
MS:I don’t know hwo good your french is but..

MS:To be a star or to be unnoticed..thats her message one of a kind pieces recycles fabrics and gets inspired by them
MS:yeah so others plb i dont know if you know him but i really love this one music is green and this montreal one..

MSF:o wow i didnt even see this one today

MS:yeah you know AA he uses their organic line and water based inks we dont need to use solvents for inks theres other options…bambu is the face brand if i could get it i wouldnt have opened the store theyre so environmentally friendly and socially involved so thats a total plus for me

MSF:so they let you use the lamps

MS:yeah it use to be a glass workshop

MSF:so they let you sue the lamps thats fucking awesome?

MS:well they’re consignment based im really fair with all the artists compared to most thats how was raised in the industry

MSF:i love how its everything from the little black dress to these amazing pillows..what are these made out of?

MS:i usually use a $200 pillow because of my neck problems and this is a miracle organically grown

Lucas Solowey: i enjoyed the snacks and wine and people seemed to enjoy themselves

Veggie Approved.

4 Elements4326 st.denis montreal h2j


Deborah Adams

recycles leather handbags


Bistro Chez Soi

Marie-Geneviève Lamothe

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