Coco Roberts / Prince of Spades

the Fallen Spade

Prince of Spades Clothing was born unofficially in the winter of 2007.
Native Montrealer Coco Roberts, the young designer and founder of the label, decided to pack up and move to Toronto to experience a change from working in the nightlife.
After throwing together many inspirtations and incorporating the corners of her imagination, Coco created the Prince of Spades. Not only was he her work of art and the prince of her fantasy, but he was also her baby.
It was time for Coco to introduce him to Montreal.

After much critiscism, trial and error the brand’s images and name grew stronger.
Now you could consider it common to see Prince of Spades models strutting the runway or socializing at promotional parties wearing wacky masks, jester style makeup , bells , chains and whatever else Coco can find.

The unique concept of clothing has made its way to the hands of athletes, models,dj’s and other local and international celebrities.
In the Spring of 2009 the company became an official name and one year later Prince of Spades Clothing finds itself gearing up for a very busy season.
The Spring/Summer 2010 collection is a unisex line that will carry an assortment of cuts, designs and fashionable colors.

Now get ready for the 2010 launch TOMORROW April 16. You can buy exclusivly @

Make sure to check out the website and here for that matter all summer for events/shows.etc First up May 7 2010 at the Corona theatre with Joseph Ribkoff, Ed Hardy, Ralph Leroy, Hairspray mafia ….and of course Prince of Spades.

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