adam lambert / Grammy Awards 2010 / jonas brothers / katy perry / ke$ha / lady gaga / snookie

The Shammy’s

The 52nd Grammy Awards 2010

Always GaGa 24/7

Middle Jonas lookin real good..eldest might have put on some wedding bloat.

but always classic and i still want everything in their closets.

Imogean heap…what more can I say

Meth in a handbag…drink much?

damn jhudz!

Loved Katy’s bag…hated her dress from the front.

Snookie..nuff said.

Probably the most disappointing Grammy’s in a while…

i feel robbed, abused, and left for dead.

However the red carpet though not spectacular had some decent things to say.

Boring year really speaks true to the name Grammy…

One thought on “The Shammy’s

  1. I loved all gaga, it was a great show just a lot of dissapointments for fans. People need to lay off taylor she's a good girl! and I hates Katys dress!! I couldn't believe it…Snookie looked like a reets also.

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