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Daytime Family : Nightime Ballers

|: Everywhere, Toronto 😐
my first trip to Canada’s other fashion capital

my first photo and she ends up being from Montreal.ha

my second photo and theyre also from Montreal

third…another montrealer in Tdot

First Fierce Toronto Bitches of the Nite.
I seek Britney in the Backround..

He was hilarious.
Evan Rachel Momsen?
Sweet Girl. Sweet Accent
met her and her two euro buds in the wash room…

*My Fave look of my trip*

Nikki Reed?

Funny Story: Met up with my friend and shes telling me a story of a guy on the subway/metro(whats it called in T town?) who wasn’t wearing pants and how he was freaking her out …couple hours later hes at the bar we chose…

Right After Hearing Some Guy in a Massive Pick up Truck Blasting Britney Ha!

The Last Lovely Ladies of the Night


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