The Grammys 2009


yes she did.
its not bad…but for the grammys…

Pretty normal and kind of cute for the usually outrageous worst dressed list queen


is she going clubbing under her bed sheets?
it was cute but she looked haggard and sick. A bulemic Maggie gyllenhaal.
Is she 15? Even the actual tweens turned it out.

The Woes

Katy dazzling in Basil Soda
hate her, but like her dress

Kate always stunningly beautiful
Classic but a bit disappointed coming from them…

Do you think shes back?

Props for performing in her due date in true M.I.A. style.
Shoes: Gola by Christian Lacroix
Interesting risk for the usually simple Aussie
I’m more of a doors fan, but the beatles did have a more profound effect on pop music
Just okay but i love duffy.
Bowties =

love androgyny
and the icon didn’t love anything about it


Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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