L'Oreal Fashion Week / Toronto Fashion

New York I love you, But you bringing me down…

Hey guys!

Just spent my recent week in NYC and found some amazing things to post…
…but things got a little crazy and my camera is now m.i.a. Anyone at the East River Bar in Brooklyn find a boxy silver camera oller at me. so if I took a picture of you this past week email me something new and make it hotter than ever : Djm37686@marymount.edu subject: mtlstfashionny

BUT i wont leave you with nothing so I took some of my favorites from this weeks Toronto L’oreal Fashion Week so far!

Don’t necessarily like this dress that much but I’m loving the model.

Pink Tartan
I do believe this one is my favorite.Very 1950s housewife meets pin up

Alfred Sung
I was suprised that wedding dresses made this years runway but hey it worked

Katya Revenko

Thoughts? Comments? Praise?

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